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Remount Horse

Remount Horse Age

Remount horse is a horse of its forth and fifth year of life (from 37th month to 60th). However, the training year for a remount horse that was born in winter starts not on a New Year Day, January 1st, its adjusted birthday, but 4 months earlier, in September of its third year of life.


This shift of the begining of a training year relative to adjusted date of birth defines remount horse age eligibility on a training timeine as (33-56 months).


Learn more in this whitepaper "Training Aspects of a Young Horse Transitioning from Breeder to New Owner"

Training Program Design for your Remount Horse

It does not mean, however, that once a horse is 33 months old, you pull him out of the pasture, familiarise with a stable for a week, put bit into his mouth, through a saddle on and hop on to start "breaking".


There is an entire period of young horse training and development (13-32 months) that preceeds the beginning of remount horse's first training year in that September. And what happens with your remount horse largely depends on a foundation you built in your young horse in the previous two years.


While designing a training program for your remount horse, even more than for a young horse, we take into consideration factors such as actual date of birth, training facility, and climate. We consider these factors first, before even going in detail to team skill set (owner, handler, rider/bereuter, trainer, ferrier, veterinarian), and gymnastic review for your horse itself.


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We typically plan for online coaching sessions once every two weeks (bi-weekly) in a training phase to complement execution of our carefully designed Training Plan for each of the horses in your management. We track your performance in the training scorecard, which opens the worlds of possibilities for you, and at the same time narrows your focus down to a laser dot where needed, makes you accountable for it, and helps to make things happen.


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