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Buying a Horse

A conversation about looking for your next "champion," and about buying your next horse. Whether you are looking for a warmblood, or any other breed, there are many considerations to take into account before embarking on your journey of buying a horse. Horse shopping is a process; this guide will help you find your way.

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Designing a Training Program for Your Sport Horse

We are working on our next paper, which will describe the different subjects of educating a horse, and also a schedule of the activities - something one can rarely find in the books or in trainer materials. We will also touch base here on different climates and training surfaces.

Check back with us often to see the work in progress.

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Liana Antanovich

Phil Silva

Elusive Young Horse Age

The elusive horse age becomes less of importance for a mature horse. But for a young horse every month of age is a huge difference and really counts. We talk about how to account for a young horse age.

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