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Young Horse

Young Horse Age

We define young horse as a horse between 12 and 36 months of age based on its actual foaling date, not in calendar years. The reasons for this are:

  • Large spread of foaling dates throughout a year in modern small farm breeding operataions.

  • Growth plates closure in bones is still happening in upper parts of limbs and other skeletal bones.

  • Lifestyle adjusting bone remodeling processes happen in horses from 24 to 48 months of agethat require assisting human effort for future sport horse career.

  • Most warmblood riding horses are sold as yearlings or even younger, and owners must handle this period in horse development in its own special way.

  • Exceptional quality youngsters are marked as brood stock (brood mare prospects and stallion prospects), and undergo special training either by breeder's personnel or by hired professional handlers.


Learn more in this whitepaper "Training Aspects of a Young Horse Transitioning from Breeder to New Owner"

Training Program Design for a Young Horse

To approach your special youngster, we start with Gymnastic Review is a service in which you send in your video for evaluation, description of the stable and training facilities, skill set of available stable and training personnel, bloodlines, video materials of dam and sire, young and competing siblings, horse purchase price or desired asking price.


We will schedule a call and will discuss every aspect of your young horse management and training. Follow-up will include custom training plan for your horse, calendar of activities, list of required ecuipment, check points and decision-making milestones.


We will help you to evaluate, target and describe your horse for the market if it is going for sale. If that is your special youngster you have recently purchased for yourself, we will advise on economically viable training options to match your level of aspirations with your horse's talents.

Coaching for a Young Horse

We typically plan for online coaching sessions once every two weeks (bi-weekly) in a training phase to complement execution of our carefully designed Training Plan for each of the horses in your management. We track your performance in the training scorecard, which opens the worlds of possibilities for you, and at the same time narrows your focus down to a laser dot where needed, makes you accountable for it, and helps to make things happen.


Request to be contacted for a coaching program for your young horse>>